Static Line Training

Static line training is for the independent person or someone wanting to progress in the sport beyond one jump.

The training lasts 3 to 4 hours because you are taking on the responsibility of learning the equipment during your first jump. In the course we will cover:

Basic Safety

How to approach and enter the plane

How to exit the plane

What body position to take during your exit

What a good parachute looks like

What to do if the 1st parachute is not right (called a malfunction)

How to steer your reserve (2nd) canopy if needed

How to steer your main canopy

How to land your canopy

How to pick up your gear, continue smiling and return to the hanger to have the gear repacked.

Training includes watching video and practical training which consists of; practicing parachute landing falls (PLF's), emergency procedure practice in a hanging harness, and practice exits from the plane while it is still on the ground.

You will jump that same day at the end of the class. Three students go up in each load and it takes about 30 minutes to complete each load.