Discover skydiving today with a tandem jump. This jump is made with an instructor normally from 10,500 feet above ground. After ground school of approximately hour, you and your instructor will ride the plane harnessed together to altitude and freefall about 35 seconds. Then experience a parachute ride for four to five minutes during which time you will receive dual instruction just like learning to fly an airplane.


Begin with Paperwork Meet the tandem master & fill out paperwork.

Practice the ARCHThe important part of training is good body position and the arch.

Practice exit The exit will be practiced to perfection before the jump.

Ready to Go! Geared up & loaded in the plane. Ready to JUMP!!

The Real Exit The student & tandem master climb out of the plane. It's not practice this time. It's the real thing!!!

freefall Practice pays off as the student experiences the wonderful world of skydiving!

Landing The student & tandem master steer the canopy to the ground.

CelebrationThere's plenty to talk about with friends after the skydive is over.